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Do I Really Need a Whole-House Surge Protector?

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First off, what is a whole-house surge protector?

A whole-house surge protector prevents your appliances from short-circuiting due to voltage spike. It limits excess electricity by blocking the current or shorting it to ground, much like a pressure relief valve. Every appliance and device in your home are powered by electricity. You simply can’t afford to have your electricals to fry. It is a cost-effective safety device for all your essential appliances.

Where is it installed?

Whole-house surge protectors are usually wired to your electrical box. A whole-house surge protector must be properly grounded to perform its job. Proper installation is essential and should always be done by a professional as to not compromise you and your home’s safety. 

What does it protect your electronics from?

  • Fried circuit boards on the electrical components of all home appliances.
  • Electricity overload from major appliances, which can cause power surges in your home and slowly damage your appliances.
  • Voltage fluctuations from faults in utility lines and other homes in your neighborhood can affect the flow of current into your home and damage your electricals.
  • Direct lightning strikes.

Which equipment is most sensitive to power surges?

Many components in today’s complex appliances and devices are sensitive to power surges. However, electronics and appliances containing microprocessors are highly susceptible to power surges. Since microprocessors are fragile devices that can affect everything in the unit if it suffers from a power surge. 

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